Attempting to kill one of your bosses

Tongue in cheek obviously but if you do fancy some mountain biking in the Chorley area of Lancashire then come try our the newly completed Healey Nab route for fun (although don’t tell my thumb that which is still recovering from an unplanned dismount 3 weeks ago – although x-ray says no break).  Yeah yeah I know not very end user service but loads of fun!  Oh and the title of the post, well the second victim was one of my bosses cycling helmet!  Good job he was wearing one as it saved any serious harm.

Healey Nab and Rivington MTB


    1. Jake, sadly I haven’t done the 7 Stanes. In terms of comparison the track at healey nab is only 2.5km but is the best Mountain bike route available in the rivington area. It is technical, probably a good enhancement for those used to the rivington trails and wanting more before moving to the lakes, wales or Scotland.


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