Strategy as a motivator

Recently Steve and I have been working on some really interesting work which we’ve had to socialise.  What has been really interesting is the responses it has provoked within the wider organisation, and more importantly within the elements of the organisation which would be most impacted.  I spoke on web meeting today to one group for whom this would cause change, in my typical interactive mode the tablet pen was out and pen functionality in PowerPoint got overused.  New blank slides emerged on top of the slides Steve and I had worked up with explanations of new emerging technologies and how we should adopt them.

[and given Graham’s recent post on attribution, mostly Steve’s slides 🙂 ]. 

The response was great and the closing comment from the lead was how good it was to see this content and it seemed to me that there was a buzz and motivation around the message, one comment summed it up which was “its great to see that we are doing this”.  Its certainly a tactic I’m going to repeat for future services I’m working on.  So watch out!

When I was looking for some backup to this thought I came across this great article, the key extracts being:

“When processes change, then people who work in the processes must also change. Any given process includes particular roles in which certain knowledge and skills is required. Changes in these roles requires that the people involved change, which may or may not be good news for them.”

For me this is key but its something I have to consciously remind myself of – I shouldn’t have to because I think I’m very much a people person but I still need to remind myself that there is more outside the work you are immersed in.

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  1. “Socialising” is a difficult thing to do, mainly because it involves another difficult thing “communication”. One of the challenges we all have is how we engage with people in a way that gets them interested, interactivity is certainly part of it, but it’s not the whole story, some people are actually put off by it.

    Computers agree between themselves a communication protocol and then use it, people are different. Sometimes people want to communicate in one way, sometimes in a completely different way.

    That’s the fun of it.


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