Hidden Gems – only found when you explore

New Cafe and Gallery @ Astley ParkLast Friday Charlie (@chuckstar76) and I caught up in a newly opened cafe at Astley Park.  While there is nothing unusual in this, I’m a firm proponent of getting somewhere different and away from the office, what was great was we found a hidden Gem.  Not the cafe as that was a bit overpriced, slow service and small portions.  However, just round the corner to the cafe (the cafe is actually in the refurbished coach house of an old hall) is Astley Hall

Astley HallIts now owned by our local council and had free admission.  I know the place well and wanted to show Charlie where I got married (as we hired one of the rooms back in 2002).

One room of the hall has this exhibition running, What a superb 5 minutes to take the brain away and into another place.  Reminded me of the hidden gems we can all unearth when we give ourselves some time to explore:




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