The Bottom Line : Mobile Working

On Saturday BBC Radio 4’s business discussion programme, The Bottom Line, covered the topic of Mobile Working.  Listen again here, or subscribe to their podcast.  Worth listening to, the main discussion is in the first 10 minutes.

It was an excellent discussion with important points raised around meeting people in person, eye contact, the power of serendipitous conversations in the office, being able to visually assess products (and how that can’t be done remotely).

The discussion moved quickly and then talked about home working, given travel issues this week with snow in some areas of the UK it was relevant.  The panel were quite divided in their view on home working, but all agreed that it suits specific individuals better than others and that actually a hybrid working pattern is their favoured approach.

I tend to favour the views that support location independent working, and absolutely agree that everything is a hybrid, I cannot think of any way that people could work 100% at home, or for me I find it strange to think of a world which would be 100% office (but again that comes down to work requirements and work style – and my work can be performed flexibly).

One point they didn’t raise which was a shame was day extenders, or time shifters.  Those who’d like to work in the evening in order to spend more daytime with families.  I think that will be more and more important in the future.

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