UK Highways Agency : I love their new traffic information online

Congrats to a government department!  (didn’t think I’d say that).  Their new service at is great, especially their Motorway traffic flow graphs where you can turn on or off various streams of information, here is the M6 close to me when I wrote this:


The only things that aren’t quite there are the interactive map isn’t working at the moment.  I was also surprised that the agency hadn’t considered mobile users on smartphones.  I feel that even though they have a telephone number (08700 660 115 – cheaper than a lot of the premium rate services offered by others) they should have a mobile accessible site … oh and if anyone reads this from the agency could you make the number text rather than embed in a graphic so folks with soft phones or those who have opened the site on a telephone can call it without typing in the number (thanks!).

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  1. I really like the site but it is functioning at half power.

    When I first saw the new design at the start of last week the interactive map was working. On of the best features was the ability to click on the camera icons and see the images live. The map was a bit too busy ( there were cameras every few miles ) and was very slow but while the uasbility wasn’t quite there the potential was obvious

    I really like the traffic flow that you show above. For some reason all of the northern cameras have disappeared off it – it must be too grim up here to let the people from the south see. In many ways ( if the camera bit worked ) this simple linear representation is better than the click and zoom map.

    The other bit that would be good would be to have major trunk roads on it. The A66 ( the main east west route for the top part of England but which is not a motorway ) would be a big help

    There is a quick feedback survey on the site for anyone that wants to use it.


  2. you must be responsible for this Stu…

    as at 11:52 Saturday 7th :

    “Due to high demand the map is currently disabled, we are sorry for the inconvenience. “


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