Reflection and Contemplation


As we draw to the end of 2008 a quick post to say thanks for reading!  Its been a busy year at this end with challenges and changes at work, together with the challenge 2 young boys bring to the equation.  Although both bring their own fun and have been immensely satisfying.

The blog is still here, still posting as much as possible, and about 220 of you subscribe via RSS, 3 via email and about 90 hits per day look at content generally from search engines.  Most of the search engine hits are for Sametime plugins (for which Google rank me 2nd – how do you demote yourself!?!?).  Congratulations to the one person who visited after searching for “sleepwalking data”. 

Twitter remains my primary status update tool (“follow sdownes1972” in twitter or go here). On days then I post to the blog and inform twitter about it the web hit count shoots up.  I expect that trend will continue perhaps to the detriment of RSS.

Looking forward I expect we will all be touched in some way by economics, only today on Christmas eve a family member found their employers hadn’t paid any staff.  I expect though that in my areas (collaboration and end user technology) there will be continued demand where organisations seek benefits in terms of travel reduction, exploiting partnerships and removing cost through virtualisation.

I’m thinking of some themes for the blog for next year (and your thoughts are welcome):

  • Tips:  Sharing ideas, tools, or techniques that I feel help me and may help you.
  • Remote Meetings:  A series exploring remote meetings, what works, what doesn’t, how I best use the tools available to me.
  • Novel and New:  My take on consumer tools which maybe haven’t hit the enterprise.
    A Merry Christmas and just in case I don’t get to post here before 2009 a Happy New Year.

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