Being organised

I find it amazingly important for my stress levels to be able to stay on top of everything I need to do.  Even if it means that the list of things I need to do (or delegate) is sometimes overwhelming.  I’ve shared previously how I was working with OneNote and Notes for recording tasks while in meetings and then action them from the to-do list in Notes.

Well a new adventure started about a month ago.  I’m afraid neither Notes or Outlook worked for me as task management tools.  I like lists, and lots of them.  Remember the Milk is all about lists.  I’m not going to explain how it works here as they do it much better here.

The biggest differentiation for me is the multiple modes of device I can use to input tasks.  I can email tasks, I can access the web (both mobile and full featured) or I can simply twitter.  And this for me is the best feature for inputting tasks, in that is is intelligent.

d rtm do this action next friday


Becomes just that a task called “do this action” due for completion next Friday.


And d rtm !today returns all the tasks I have today in twitter, but I normally use the weekly action list as a reminder of today’s tasks and those coming up (and more twitter shortcuts).  It means during meetings I can rapidly add actions to my lists, I can also do it from the blackberry using twitterberry which means when I remember something I can simply fire in a task wherever I am.

Being a non-sanctioned tool within most enterprises folks may wish to generalise some of the task names so as not to give away any secrets, as I found recently its easy to type “s rtm taskname” accidentally in twitter and broadcast the task to your followers.

Working on the web the ajax interface is superb and the supported shortcut keys really help in terms of using it productively without constantly clicking or tabbing through boxes.  Anyone designing a to-do list feature should look at this product, I’m hoping it will influence the future products we see in our desktop software.

I also utilise the googlemail firefox plugin and the google gadget on my firefox browser home page.  All in all, if you don’t like your task management tools give remember the milk a whirl.

Cudos to Mrs Downes for she wanted a tool to use, I suggested RTM, and she raved so much I just had to try it.  Now I’m hooked!

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