Firefox and Plugins – making my research easier

After many years I’ve finally started using one browser for 99.9% of my requirements.  Yes it happens to be Firefox 3 but thats old news for any readers here, many of you use it, but interestingly NOT a majority here.


The real benefit to me and most other Firefox users is the extensions and plugins.  Here are my favourites:

1.  Feed subscription:

Firefox allows me to choose the tool I’ll use to subscribe to feeds by clicking on the RSS Icon to the right of the URL:


2.  Evernote Integration


The ability to clip text from a web page using the “elephant button” or save a URL to Evernote (“clip to evernote”) is absolutely superb.  I’m finding evernote and increasingly useful research tool and its tablet capabilities are excellent.

3. Session Manager for Firefox


Now this is superb, I can’t fault this at all.  It gives me equal functionality to the session management in Maxthon.  It is great to open a session and be exactly where I left it, down to how far I have scrolled down a page.  You can also open the folder containing the session files and send one to someone else using this plugin, great for sharing links …. but thats where the next one comes to the fore…

4.  Sharing Sessions Online


Agglom is a superb tool that allows you to share a group of URL’s either publicly or privately (Hat tip to Marjolein Hoekstra).  This can be in the form of a web page, multimedia web page, RSS feed or slideshow.


Longer term I can see us using many tools to access the web.  I’m in agreement with Stowe Boyd, in future we won’t access the web with a single tool, it will be the correct tool for the job.  The job of research, making use of the massive overload of information on the web, is made that much easier by these tools.  I’d recommend these tools.

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