iPhone 3G and Blackberry 8800

I’m amazed by Mrs D’s New iPhone.  So what does each do best in my opinion:

iPhone 3G Blackberry 8800
Weaker enterprise integration Strong enterprise integration
Amazing user interface Average user interface
Weaker typing experience Strong keyboard experience
Applications (see below) Applications (see below)

Things I haven’t yet tried on the iPhone:

  • Using it as a speakerphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Seeing how it copes with phone calls during media playing

Application Delivery

This is one area where RIM could enhance the experience.  Apples application store is a superb user interface and is the model of simplicity for users to download applications direct to the device.  Some will no doubt express concerns that all apps must go through apple and they can vet applications so I’d suggest to RIM support both models, a smooth application delivery mechanism they control and direct installations.


The Apply multitouch display is the future, not too sure the keyboard is there yet on those screens but all in all if someone gave me the choice in the enterprise tomorrow …. I’d go for the iPhone.

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  1. You’ll love it. I have one since Saturday myself and I’m constantly playing around with it, trying to find all the nifty stuff.

    Although I’m very disappointed with the GPS: I tried to locate myself while on the road, but it wasn’t working. After turning it off and on again, the cell-based location worked like a charm. That’s a stupid thing and I hope Apple didn’t miss more of this flaws.

    Anyway, I don’t have a comparison, because I never had such an advanced phone before. My previous Nokie E61i looks like an old brick of hardware now…


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