Inside Out – who owns collaboration?

I recently came across Richard’s blog Inside Out.  Its one of the problems I find in today’s information rich internet, keeping up to date with the best sources of information [that may be a subject for a future post].  Richard discusses social software and collaboration whilst also sharing his experience within BT.  Some of his interesting recent posts include:

Who owns collaboration?

“if it isn’t clear who owns the business requirements for collaboration, the danger is even greater as techies start enthusiastically deploying tools to fill the void and meet local needs, rather than concentrating on common capabilities that solve enterprise wide business problems”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement.  This is something I always try to encourage when evangelising collaboration.  The business requirements are the key here.  The challenge is understanding the zone that exists between business requirement and technology solution.  One of the issues with the recent proliferation of collaboration technologies is to really understand what the best solution is for the problem.  It is important to also ensure that a balance is struck between the business need, the process owners requirements, the information owners requirements, and the pragmatic technological solution to a problem.  So we need a breed of person to sit in the middle of all these different opinions to ensure that at the end of the process a workable solution is in place which is simple to use, works efficiently and is widely adopted.  Simple 🙂

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