1. My Company Great America Networks Conferencing offers simple cost-effective Video and WebConferencing usable anywhere there is an Internet connection on any type of computer.

    You can see the software interface and sign up for a free 1 on 1 trial or a full featured demonstration free as well.

    Compare to other popular products here: http://www.ganconference.com/web.html

    View the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/quickvisuals.html

    Sign up for a free trial here on the right side of the page: http://web.ganconference.com/

    Have a free guided tour of the software here: http://www.ganconference.com/demo.html or contact me directly for a personal guided tour of the service.

    Anthony Russo
    Conferencing Consultant
    Great America Networks Conferencing
    Phone: 312-432-5377
    Fax: 312-492-2577
    Skype: anth.russo


  2. I’m not sure it’s changed that much, its still unreliable across firewalls, has too much latency for multiple participants, still requires me to know too much about other peoples technology or is too expensive for people to use casually on an as required basis.


  3. @1. Anthony, thanks for that I’ll take a look.

    @2. Steve, I totally agree on firewalls which drives my opnion that the winners will be those using a bridging service, web application or other broker to attain connectivity rather than attempting pure peer to peer. At that point the barrier about knowledge should be removed. In terms of latency etc. I think we need to differentiate between quality of service enabled networks and connections from desktop via broadband. Certainly my internet connection would not support the services highlighted in the link, however I feel these are the “concept cars” at the motor show.


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