Virtual Teams, few posts, and a Collaborative Enterprise Solution

Well you haven’t seen many posts here for which I apologise.  The reason is we have all been heads down finalising and releasing CSC Collaborative Enterprise solution.  OK so that URL doesn’t show much but for CSC customers, CSCers, well anyone interested to be fair please contact me [sdownes @] and we can take you through the portfolio.

Since release I’ve been thinking more about  virtual teams, partly through customer interest, and partly because my team is growing and becoming increasingly separated in terms of distance.  While the technology we use and tools offer assistance I have to agree with Melanie Turek who has written that the key is integrating collaboration tools with the processes we follow and don’t forget the human element.  I’m hoping for more blogging time soon.  The other reason for not blogging is my voluntary ambulance work has been busy with a number of emergency callouts generally in evenings when I’d normally have time to read / blog.

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