Newsgator clients are now free

Newsgator yesterday announced that their clients can now be downloaded and used without fee.  Some more thoughts from Mike Gotta who thinks IBM should acquire Newsgator and discusses whether Microsoft may move for them.  Frankly I’m surprised both IBM and Microsoft still have no capability in the Enterprise RSS space beyond some basic client integration.

My work renders the incumbent feed readers in IE7, Outlook 2007 and Notes 8 unusable – they simply do not give a rich enough experience.  I like the Newsgator product though recently (well since my subscription came for renewal) I’ve been using Google reader.  I may well switch back.  One of the great things I really like about Newsgator is the ability to share multiple folders with my colleagues.  This is really important for me, right now in google reader I can just share posts to everyone.  Well actually everyone is not interested in all the posts.  However now I can share things I feel are interesting on UC with Sam our UC product manager etc.  Its really powerful for me so a switch back to Newsgator looks likely.

To remain balanced I must point out that the folks at Attensa have worked using this business model since day 1.  Their river of news algorythms to track and focus posts are very powerful but for now the Newsgator UI wins for me.

Off to the download site now!



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