Forrester on Collaboration Adoption in 2008

Interesting quotes from coverage:

“About half of IT decision makers at companies with 1,000 employees or more expect to implement a formal collaboration technology strategy in 2008”

“Of 1,017 IT decision makers in North America and Europe surveyed, 15 percent identified implementing a collaboration strategy as a “critical priority” and 34 percent deemed it a “priority.” A third, 33 percent, said collaboration “was not a priority” while 17 percent it was “not on our agenda” altogether.”

“The most common choice for the 215 IT department decision makers (at organizations with 1,000 or more employees) looking for collaboration software maker was Microsoft, at 55 percent, followed distantly by 13 percent who said “others” and 9 percent for IBM. Google registered at 0 percent with this group”

more than 70 percent would invest in messaging software while 68 percent expressed interest in “real-time collaboration software.” In addition, 28 percent will invest in social software, including technologies such as wikis, RSS and blogs.

I haven’t read the full report but these summaries in themselves are very interesting. The move to social tools is very interesting, but perhaps much of this is due to capabilities being packaged into popular collaboration platforms?

Link to Forrester report : Enterprise Collaboration: As hot as ever in 2008.

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