Twitter as a day to day tool

I’m a fairly recent adopter of Twitter having only started using it a couple of months ago, despite knowing about it for a year or more – and having some preconceptions which stopped me using it.  Well I’d thoroughly recommend it as a business and social tool.  This video cast explains my views best:


link to youtube videocast

The real reasons I recommend twitter is that it isn’t just an Instant Message status tool.  I can convey feeling, mood, actions, next actions, all in a context which is recorded and hence people can view a historic timeline of my twitters.  This is really useful in a team, especially my team which is geographically dispersed.  It also allows me to understand more about colleagues workstyles and mood – very important when you aren’t co-located – I won’t know if you are ill or feeling rough, but with twitter I will.

Useful applications which extend twitter are:

Twiteroo (thick client)

BlackBerry Client

Facebook status / twitter integration

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