Idea Jam

ideajamA collaborative effort (see press release here) has resulted in IdeaJam.  The aim of the site is simple.  Ideas are suggested then the community promote or demote ideas resulting in a wisdom of crowds ranking of ideas.  The solution has been developed on, by and for the Lotus collaborative community.  Due for formal launch on November 20th now is your chance for a sneak preview.

I actually see this application being very very powerful within enterprise settings so I’ll be interested to hear more about its commercial availability…


  1. Stu, you might be interested to know that we have a simillar product already within our company in use within the global service offerings team. Its built on top of Lotus Notes I think, but it offers up a web interface. It manages the whole idea management lifecycle, including the concept of innovation events. I think its called Idea Central and It comes from Imaginatik.


  2. “we have a simillar product already within our company in use within the global service offerings team…”

    Steve, where do you work? I was unable to find an “About” page on your blog that indicated your present employer.


  3. Steve, thanks I was aware of the product and have forwarded this site to them as another potential tool. May be too late for our cycle as an incumbent tool is already in place. I’m certainly interested in potential uses for product/feature selection in future solution offerings.


  4. Isn’t his was Digg does for a long time now? And what bugtrackers do in an “awful-usability” way? Voting for bugs (or their solution) is not a new feature.

    Anyway, the site looks clean and nice. And the developers get an idea what to fix first. I think this is way better then the usual “Report a bug” dialogs that pop up everytime something went wrong.


  5. Hi Carsten, agree this is very Digg’ish. I think the benefit here is that the nsf is, despite many people not liking notes, a secure, replicatable format for enterprises to use for simple idea management. My research and contacts have increased my understanding in this area and if enterprises were looking for a solution then Idea Central from Imaginatik would be my first port of call.


  6. I agree with you. Having a secure and simple solution (including backups) is so important for every kind of data that is used in a production environment. Backing up multiple installations of different servers/application is always a point of failure and a torture for the administration staff.


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