The Marriage of Public Social Networking Sites and the Enterprise

If the Social Network is the Groom and the Enterprise is the bride then the father of the bride (lets assume thats all of our CEO / Chair) will not be best pleased with this rough upstart that is about to join the family.  This week we’ve seen much negative press (BBC) about the waste of time in social networking sites.  Mike Gotta wrote about a mashup between Facebook and  Will this make the jump further from the SaaS providors like into enterprise applications?  We are seeing moves from the big players with Connections and expect more to be bundled into SharePoint (either via codeplex or Office 14).  But if we start to see a mashup capability between SaaS providers and Social Networking tools will we see the same between enterprise apps?  Can the perception of many people RE: facebook be overcome?  Stowe made some excellent points about the challenges social networking tools face today and they are all repeats on a different theme to [a] telephones on everyones desk [b] email for all [c] instant messaging.  I see that once more people leverage the social networking tools to provide richer collaborative applications then we will see some interesting marriages.  Will they be between public social networking tools or enterprise owned social tools, I’m in 2 minds right now, but it will be interesting.

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