Lenovo X60 Tablet

How have I not worked with a tablet before!  I got mine last week and here is a brief introduction to what I had to do and some of my tips, tricks, issues, work habits.

Getting Started : blatted the Lenovo XP build in favour of our corporate Vista build.  Tablet then became a laptop!  Downloaded all the software via Thinkpad update including a scary bios update.  Tablet now back to working order!  Added the tablet to the Ultrabase.

Issues: The only thing I haven’t got working is the auto-rotate feature which was working with the XP install but hasn’t worked since installing vista.  I am using the active disk protect … I’ll update if I do get it working.  I just don’t see the option anywhere to enable the auto-rotate (this keeps the screen the right way up when working in tablet mode).

Work habits:  My work habits have now within a week changed dramatically.  I use OneNote for all my handwritten notes.  I review more documents now using the pen (especially good for diagrams and slides).

I still have a desktop configuration with a standard keyboard, mouse and the tablet screen in laptop mode when working.  When in meetings I use my desk monitor for the web meeting presentation, flip the thinkpad screen into tablet mode and drag it (and the ultrabase) across the desk towards me.  You’ll need to ensure you have free cable as the 2 work modes are completely ergonomically different.

For meetings where I am presenting then I need to know what I’m doing before the meeting starts.  Do I need to use “pen and ink” for others to see?  If so the tablet is my primary screen, but then note taking has to be back to paper.  If I don’t need to scribble and I’m presenting from slides or application sharing then I make sure my desk monitor is the primary monitor and the tablet the secondary monitor.  This is simply because most conferencing tools don’t recognise the extended screen layout (a real annoyance for me).

Summary:  All in all I’d now absolutely recommend a tablet.  I can cope with the smaller screen size without issue.  A recommended machine for those thinking of purchasing one, although you’d probably want the X61.

Steve also has an excellent review of his X60 ( Permanent Link )

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  1. Stuart, am thinking of an X61 as my primary machine – I do a lot of dev and some presentations – motivated by the idea of better note taking

    Have you any views on power/capability, screen resolution and HDD speeds ( 5400 Vs 7200 )

    Cheers, Sean


  2. Sean, Thanks for your comments. I’ve had no issues with my thinkpad tablet but many have had problems with screen coming away from the mount (some adhesive issue). The thinkpad blog has something about it..


    I can’t comment much on the screen or disk speed advice, my model upgraded me from an under-resourced T40 so I was more than pleased. I would recommend 3Gyg RAM for 32bit OS or more if you plan to use a 64bit OS. 3 works really well for me with vista.




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