Well I managed to have

a) change in hosts

b) new host moves data centre

c) stu messes something up on the blog

So for those subscribed to this you got 30 odd duplicate posts over the past 2 weeks.  Well I apologise profusely (again!).  Things should now be working properly !!.. promise.

As for the web version of the blog you may notice is has a theme.  I’ve bundled some google ads on the site only not the RSS feeds … this I am not 100% sure on so I value your feedback.  If feedback is predominantly negative they’ll go!  In the same way that SNAP got the boot earlier in the year!  The community rules!


  1. No worries, mate. I don’t mind the ads, but how about some dates on your posts? Also, your wordpress template name is appearing in the browser title (not your post title). Just trying to be helpful 😉


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