Public beta of Notes 8

Now I can say a few words!  I’ve been on a private beta for a while now using the new client for all my day to day email and IM.  Here are some basic observations:

  • The client is very stable.
  • The client is resource hungry **but is still beta and will no doubt be full of surplus bug tracking code**
  • The calendar views are much improved
  • The mail experience is improved over R7 especially html emails
  • I really like the ability to float todays calendar from the sidebar to an independent window (great for multiple screens) > does anyone know if you can make the client remember those settings?
  • The sametime plugin is superb – this is where eclipse begins to reveal its benefits
  • I don’t like the RSS plugin.  For me RSS needs to be integrated with the email experience and allow much more intuitive subscription (for windows users I’d consider APIing to the common feed list).
  • The type-ahead search in the open menu (from where all applications are listed in a similar way to the start button in windows) is an excellent addition – especially as it is quite similar to the search functionality users will soon experience in vista.
    Users should warm to the new experience, the GUI is much improved.  The preview panes will be greatly appreciated.  Changes like “File-Make Available Offline” will provide much better experience than the old “File – Replication – New Replica”.  Training will need to be considered but it is quite intuitive and anyone moving from Notes 7 to Notes 8 should pick it up in no time.
    Its been a while since my last post so I have a few in the pipeline.
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