Sametime 7.5.1 – tabbed browsing without the photographs

I was pleased to hear about the tabbed browsing and in presentations I saw under NDA before Lotusphere and the images on Adam’s blog I was concerned that it would only work with directories with photo’s enabled.


I’m pleased to see via the photographs in the Lotusphere Presskit that photos are not the only option.  I don’t like photos for two reasons:

  1. You have to store them in a directory.
  2. I may have 10 tabs open for chats and have 3 people I’ve never chatted with before so struggle to differentiate between who is who.

The named tab option seems much more user friendly to me, even telling you the last time anything was said and the presence information.


I’m also pleased to see that for companies who encourage web cameras there will be the option for peer-to-peer video chats.

This will become increasingly prevelant in enterprises especially as eye-contact telepresence systems migrate from fortune 500 board rooms to our desktops and laptops.  I’ve blogged about this before (for those of nervous disposition be warned some awful webcam images of the author to make a point about eye contact).


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