Mark pointed me to the Lotusphere Connections site where delegates can experience all the new technology in that suite.  Its good to see that the products aren’t just vapourware.  Interesting the way they are scraping the tagged feeds onto the homepage and delivering an external bloggers view through the site.  I’ve made it onto the related blogs section so thanks guys!  The guts of the site are reserved for conference attendees … now I need to work on an ID to get into the interesting parts of the site.  But this is positive, if IBM are prepared to stand up their web 2.0 site for 7,000 attendees in pre-beta format then there must be confidence in their technology.  Web 2.0 despite having only a small enterprise following today sparks an interest and longing to explore, investigate and deploy for me.  More than any set of technologies in IT.  I’m looking forwards to learning more and exploring how these tools will actually sit in the enterprise for individuals, groups, departments, joint ventures and the enterprise as a whole.  I’ll also be interested to see how this IBM offering compares to SuiteTwo in terms of usability.  Craig has already commented and contrasted the two products:

“The most important distinction is that this suite was built as an integrated solution from the get-go and even more importantly is built on one platform. S2 is from 4 or more vendors…”

It will come down to functionality, usability, cost and supportability for enterprise customers.  In time I hope to be able to comment more on both solutions, for now I look forward to using both.



  1. The Lotusphere deployment is actually a fairly small one. We’ve deployed these things internally to an audience topping over 60k people. Our confidence in the technology comes from our direct experience using it.


  2. James, thanks for your comment. I was aware of the scale of the Dogear and Activity deployments haveing spent some time with Marty Moore at the Collaborative Technolgies Conference. Good to hear you are working from an enterprise scale concept into a product, rather than from a concept to an enterprise scale product.


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