The 2006 Stu Awards and close of year thoughts

Well, I’d like to end the year recognising the community and industry with my personal awards.

Best Purchase in 2006:

  • Sony RDR HXD710.  Nothing IT related at all.  It was a combined digital TV receiver, DVD writer and hard disk recorder for our living room.   This for me reflects the way we are changing as a technology based society.  We want content when we want to watch it, on demand isn’t here just yet with UK broadband bandwidth.  I don’t want to see commercials.  I have to accept interruptions in my personal time so I need a media which can be stopped and replayed later.

Best Software in 2006:

  •  Windows Live Writer.  Of all the new software I’ve installed during the last 12 months this simple blog authoring tool is my favorite.

Best collaborative themed blog for 2006:

  • Michael’s Thoughts.  Michael’s blog is fast becoming my primary reading material for an aggregated view of events in the collaborative market.  Thanks Michael.

Best other blog for 2006:

  • Creating Passionate Users.  Kathy Sierra’s blog which examines how we can make the experience for our users better by engaging us better by understanding how our brains work.

Personal High points 2006:

  •  The arrival in October of our second child Aidan (who is slowly getting into a routine so I’ll start to get more time to blog again in the evenings).
  • Moving to a new role focusing on the broader collaborative space rather than my historic (10 years) focus on Lotus products.  Having said that my broad scope includes Lotus products but also others.
  • Reducing my commute from 21 miles to 0.5 miles!
  • Working more closely with a new network of colleagues.

Personal Low points 2006:

  • Frustration at some good projects gathering dust.
  • Not managing my time as well as I know I could.
  • Struggling with time zone differences, most of my colleagues are 5 hours behind so I tend to struggle to attend some meetings (especially during the all important 6:30-8pm period when it is the boy’s bath and bed times).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a peaceful and Happy New Year.



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