Vendor to Customer Communications – BLOG POWER!

As most of you know I work for a large IT organisation.  We deal with suppliers on a regular basis, and you can guess from my blog content which one I talk to most.  However, talk might be the wrong way to describe this communication channel as I’m increasingly finding that the communications are not synchronous and tend mainly to be near synchronous or asynchronous.  Recently though I’ve been finding that tagged blog articles are gaining responses from the real experts within large organisations.  Normally when you deal with a large organisation you face off to a support or sales contact.  To get through to the product experts is generally very difficult.  As large organisations open up and allow bloggers to generate public content (either through a corporate blog service or their personal blog spaces) I am seeing a trend where those bloggers also monitor tag based feeds and pick up articles on their subject area.  Even better is the observation that these subject matter experts are also willing to respond to posts.  For example recently I posted some information on Sametime 7.5 and within 24 hours the offering manager from IBM had responded to me.

Now had I logged a call for the same information I would have got a response, maybe as quick – probably not as it was a low priority question.  There is no way through the support route that the call would have bridged the internal company divisions and been picked up by the offering manager with a great view of the product and of the roadmap.  I hope to see increasingly see blogs being used as a tool to foster asynchronous collaboration with the right people from the right teams in large enterprises.

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