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Thanks to the Taking Notes Podcast making short reports from Collaboration University more information has been publicised about Wiliki.  The codename which may be called QWiki is a Wiki template for Quickplace, which will allow simple Wiki deployment within Quickplaces in a similar way to creating a new room now.  Following shortly behind will be a blog template for Quickplace.  Both templates will be open source.  It isn’t clear from what I have heard whether this is an IBM initiative or a community innitiative, whichever is true this is a welcome addition to Quickplace.  It has been developed on Quickplace 7 but the developers can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work on Quickplace 6.5.  These build on the community build Domino templates for Blogs and Wiki’s and the shortly to be released blog template from IBM in Domino 7.0.2.

The call also mentioned Quickplace 8, the code for which has just been completed and I assume is now ready for alpha testing within IBM.

UPDATE : QWiki is the formal name.  It is a community effort with significant support from SNAPPS.  Here is the homepage

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  1. Stu, plans have morphed somewhat since CU and we’re doing three templates (and a separate theme). The first of them is called QDoc, and will be available within a matter of hours. It drastically enhances the QP folder mechanism, while leaving core form functionality the same. Expand/Collapse, Ajax views replacing QP folders, a synopsis view, access to attachments straight from the view, and more. QBlog and QWiki are slated for Dec 15 release so we could get this out.


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