RSS Readers

Well over the last year or so I’ve used numerous RSS readers.  I work with an RSS reader on my home PC.  On my corporate machine I rely on a browser based interface to read my subscriptions. 

I originally started using the RSS Popper plugin for Outlook, which I thought was good and included functionality to subscribe to feeds by right clicking from within the browser.  I complimeted this with an online account at Bloglines which was super for keeping up to date on other machines.  RSS Popper synched automatically with any new feeds from Bloglines but the read and unread marks from within the feeds didn’t – and this was a pain for the way I work.  I must bias my view against the fact that they are both free.

More recently I’ve used the Outlook 2007 RSS reader.  I didn’t like it as it wasn’t rich enough for me.  I have settled on Newsgator online and FeedDemon offline.  They both work in harmony and synchronise unread marks.  I like them both but would like to add some requests (on top of Steve’s recent wish list):

  • Why can I select podcasts in Newsgator which will be picked up by FeedStation and pushed to my iPod BUT not from FeedDemon?  Can feedstation not be integrated into FeedDemon?
  • Why does the blogroll from Newsgator not include the folder structure?  If you look on my links page you’ll see that Bloglines at the top does, but Newsgator at the bottom doesn’t.
  • Could items be flagged online for follow-up and this flag synchronised to FeedDemon?


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