“Hannover” blew my socks off

IBM LogoSecond, and final, post following the Lotusphere comes to you session in Manchester.  Darren Adams presented Notes “next” (or maybe someone will finally agree to call it Notes 8 then we’ll have a product name to tell people about 🙂 ).

During his presentation we saw demonstrations of the alpha version of the client.  What I saw and really liked (I’m not going to go through all the features):

  • Gone are ticks to select documents.
  • In comes click to select, control click to multiple select, shift click to select a group of documents.
  • The difference between Notes and Outlook in terms of how email data is displayed in panes almost disappears (Graham discussed the present differences here).  It would appear IBM are sick of being beaten by people saying “Outlook has a better UI”.
  • All applications will from previous versions work (even from Release 2 – allegedly!)
  • I’m increasingly impressed with the ability to portalise multiple applications onto the same screen with “portlets” for each application carrying information relavent to the document that is selected in the Notes application.  The power of this will be immense and opens up the notes client to federate information from multiple sources.

Again IBM have really focussed on the UI and usability of the client.  Incorporating all the productivity features from previous versions with a better, slicker UI.  I can’t wait to see activity explorer, the new contextual collaboration tool, but it looks like (my guess) Hannover won’t come out as Beta until Lotusphere 2007 and will probably only ship in Q3 2007.

Sadly I have no screenshots from the alpha version.  Further reading and some older screenshots are here.

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