What can I blog?

Sometimes it may seem that I’m not blogging in full, skimming the subject or not showing any in-depth information on a post.  Why is that?  Well I’m not quite sure what I can blog here.  My employers have no policy on blogging and I’m just not sure what I can and cannot say without getting into trouble.  Can I share my knowledge or is that a breach of my empoyment contract?  I obviously wouldn’t divulge customer or commercial information but just how much can I say.  Am I the only person blogging on Collaborative products with that concern?


  1. Interesting challenge that. For example in my case I know that a whole load of our customers (Stu and I work for the same company) read my blog as do lots of our suppliers and partners. In fact I have found that whenever I meet anyone from Microsoft or IBM for example they have almost always read my blog, and so know A LOT about me and my stance on their products and technologies.

    When it comes to what to blog, I take the following approach:

    – not blogging anything that would cause any of those audiances a serious problem, which is easier to judge if they let their own employees blog, because you can see how well they respond to constructive critisism
    – not to disclose overtly who I work for, so its clear my blog is my own
    – not to blog anything of significant value to my employer, although some value is ok (provided it’s a small sample of what we have to offer as a company)


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