LotusRoadmap – my latest understanding

IMG_3324 OK, I now feel a bit clearer on where things are going.  I spent 2 days last week with IBM at their superb Hursley innovation centre (near Southampton, UK) learning all about Workplace (more on that another post!).

Whilst there I could talk freely to IBM’ers about the roadmap.  This is what I have for public consumption ….. Notes and Domino are here to stay.  Hannover is a Notes client.  There is work to develop Notes and Domino way beyond the next release.  IBM would be stupid to turn their back on 120M+ seats (and it would appear they have accepted that).

Workplace is Workplace.  Workplace and Domino will compliment each other but are definitely aimed at different markets.  I expect integration to become tighter between the traditional Lotus Collaborative products (Domino, Notes, Sametime, Quickplace) and the new Workplace solutions.

Whilst the Hannover client will be able to run Workplace applications it is my understanding at this stage the the two products will retain their own clients.  As for the Workplace Managed Client I’ve just started, after my time at Hursley, to use the Workplace managed client so I’ll blog on that later too.

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