Chat transcripts and a Notes 6 design

memo.JPGWell I was playing, as you do, with Notes 7.  I like many people have probably got a Notes 7 client but corporate policy hasn’t quite got to the new release so server and template at still at and R6 design.

Nice thing to note is that saving chat transcripts still works with the 6 template.  The chats are saved in the memo form and a field is set $IMChatTranscript =1.  So if you have the rights just create a view or personal view in your database go for it, base it on the design of the all documents view, and set the view selection to be $IMChatTranscript =”1″.  Then set your preferences to save chat transcripts.  My favourite setting is to prompt on closing chat windows.

This works only with the integrated client.  I’d like to see some functionality to save chats from the Connect client.

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