Red Bull

Well unsurprisingly the Lotus oriented blogs are alive with comment following Microsoft’s press release about their updated tools to assist with migration from Lotus Notes and Domino to Microsoft based platforms.  What has surprised, wrong word… what has interested me about these posts is their complete negativity towards what Microsoft is doing.  This kind of competition is good for the industry, the more competitive the market the better the end product will be for the users.  The timing will no doubt trigger fierce debate during next week’s Lotusphere event – which I’m not going to :o(

So why am I as a “Notes” person not too worried by this?  Well in my view it should spark one of 2 reactions with one of 2 net results, either:

  1. IBM take this seriously, start speeding up their delivery cycle for new innovation and deliver better products to the market – and telling people about them!!  Result = better software for all of us.
  2. IBM don’t take this seriously, dismiss the tools and the work that Microsoft is doing.  Result = Microsoft will undoubtedly increase their market share.

I hope the IBM response will be number 1, and next week at Lotusphere they say “hey we see what Microsoft are doing, we’re all in a competitive business, good luck to them but here are the great products and features we have”….time will tell!

The worst that can happen is that the “Notes” people like myself have to look for new technology challenges which will pay the bills.  That’s probably why I’m not too worried as I see my career path (hopefully) involving more diversification into the wider Collaborative space.

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