Digital Pen

Digital PenNow here is a gadget I like the look of (thanks to The Register).  It is a pen with an infra red link to a clever USB storage device.  You place the USB device at the top of your page, write your meeting notes, sketches etc.  They are transferred to the USB device so that when you are next at your computer you can upload the text and images and also decode your handwriting into ascii characters….for me, a user without a tablet who likes to take notes in meetings but would love a way of electronically storing those notes it would appear to be a great gadget.  Indications from the register suggest it will be available in Q3 for a competitive £50 GBP.  I’d be interested to see how it copes with taking notes on more than one page and whether the ergonomics of the pen would suit me.  For more information.

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