Notes and Domino 7 Launch Event

Today was the ND7 launch event in Manchester. IBM and a one of their partner’s Versko put on a good day (including a tour of the venue – Manchester United’s Old Trafford Ground). There isn’t much that I haven’t posted already about the client in post 8 and post 18.

One thing that was really interesting but skipped over was Sametime 7.1 (due Q2-Q3 2006). I’ve commented to collegues that there wasn’t anything in the Sametime 7.0 client. Well 7.1 is a step change. There is a completely refined user interface, better integration with whatever directory Sametime is using (Domino or LDAP), VOIP features (didn’t discuss this). But the VOIP element is great news. Lotus have already announced the server side API is available to integrate the Sametime server with telephony and audio conferencing. Now this client end integration seems like excllent news. There will also be smilie support (great….spot my sarcasm). I’ll try and post some screenshots here (after checking they aren’t covered under non-disclosure).

One other interesting element is the tighter integration between the Lotus Notes client calendar and scheduling and the Sametime Meeting service. At last the link will be there in 7.0 which will allow you to book a sametime meeting room when arranging your meeting (none of the hastle of going through the present web GUI) ….. however a plea to anyone from IBM reading this ….. many large corporates seperate their Sametime chat and Sametime meeting servers. Please ensure that the sametime client and Notes client can recognise this fact so that meetings can be launched on the fly or scheduled through the Notes client.

I think the only other interesting point to note was that half of the ND7 launch event was spent talking about workplace and Hannover (combined Notes and Workplace client) and roadmaps. Nice to see the future being broadcast to the user base.

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