Presence awareness in the directory

Notes and Domino 7 integrated with the Sametime instant messaging product (presently
release 7.0 beta 4) has one feature which I am really looking forward to.

Presence awareness has now been extended to the Domino directory & directory
catalog (CHECK). This is great news for those using the directory to lookup
telephone numbers as you also get the option of using IM before making a wasted
telephone call.

Lotus seem to have worked hard on Sametime integration into the Notes client
and templates. Presence is now extended from the email to:

  • Calendars
  • To Do lists
  • Views in the directories
  • Person and Group documents in the directories
  • Any name field enabled application (with some work from your designers).

Couple this with the ability to launch instant meetings from the client and
we could be seeing a very powerful combination. When more partners integrate
their VOIP telephone systems with the Sametime API then the potential for a
very rich client for email, telephony, IM is there – built on top of the already
popular Notes client.

It will be interesting to see whether integration at the folder and view level
will appear in Outlook 12. I think the ability to start a chat from your in-box
(or other view of folder) without having to open the email to see whether the
person is online is very powerful.

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