PowerPoint Producer

Well I’m 2 years behind the time with this, and no doubt many of you will be using this technology right now. However, I’ve just discovered Powerpoint Producer, I like it, so it is blogged here.

From their website Microsoft have a free download for users with licenced copies of Powerpoint 2003.

The producer allows users to simply, and I mean simply – less than 2 minutes from intall, add audio and video to traditional Powerpoint slides. What this allows me to do is via my laptop record presentations as I present them – this is a large part of my job and the tool allows people to playback presentations through a browser. (now I need to get a webcam to add a face to the voice!).

I personally get hacked off with the amount of presentation material that is sent round in email, all you see are the slides and you don’t get to hear the presenter fill in the blanks. This tool allowed me to very quickly post a presentation I did about GSX Monitor for Domino to all my collegues so that they could playback the presentation at will, or for those who couldn’t attend see and hear the presentation at a later time.

I’m just annoyed it has taken me 2 years to discover it!

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