A blogger with 2 voices

I now have 2 voices.  We have a new internal platform which allows me to blog and use live writer.  So when access to C3 is rolled out to all CSC’ers you can go check it out.

The power of blog authoring tools

We’ve had other tools internally where I could have “blogged” through a web interface.  I found I couldn’t sustain any input because I love the simple type and click option in live writer (the ability to type and write at times when I may not have access to the web).  So I’m hoping that the authentication mechanism survives and I can continue using live writer.  The proof is in the fact that in just a few days I’ve probably blogged more internally than in the previous 12 months.

Its really helpful to have a good internal blogging platform as it means I can write much more (there is so much we all work on that we can’t publicly discuss).  I feel a sense of release and hope to use the internal blog to give people more of a flavour of what I do and the directions I think we should be heading.

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