Seamless Teamwork

Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft® SharePoint® Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways: Using Microsoft Sharepoint ... and Drive Business in New Ways (BP-Other)

Seamless Teamwork

I’ve just finished Michael Sampson’s book "Seamless Teamwork > Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways"

The intended audience is not techies, its business users who need to use SharePoint within their organisation to aid projects, especially where the team are not co-located.  Michael gave lots of great advice in terms of forming a team, understanding stakeholder requirements, developing deliverables, status reporting before finally setting direction, drafting deliverables and seeking feedback.  Michael discusses how to use SharePoint to the level that the project leader would need to understand (creating lists, modifying views, using the wiki, document libraries, workflows etc.).

I found the book an easy read and could relate the advice and recommendations to my every day project work.  I think everyone will learn something from the book, I certainly did.  Even better is the price, its about the cost of let me think, minutes worth of consulting, yet give this to key evangelists within the business and rewards will be great.  This is especially true for most organisations where the business leaders aren’t savvy enough to make best use of the IT they are provided.  If you are running a SharePoint implementation and would like better adoption then give this book to key people, read its message and use the techniques in your self help implementation.

It makes me realise that as IT organisations we miss a trick after we’ve delivered a project – but actually makes me think that vendors should all offer works such as this to help business users gain from their solutions. I’m sure it will do the rounds in for my local readers.


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