RSS In Notes Debate

image Mary Beth Raven has posted information about moving RSS reading capabilities into the mail file in Notes (article).  There is a great debate in the comment thread.  My views as I have commented there are:

“Now I am of 2 minds here. To answer the specific question I prefer #2 [the image I have pasted in this post]. I’d also hope that the data can be locally cached and not required to be stored in the mail servers, however the subscriptions I would like to replicate round.
In terms of where I read feeds I choose to read feeds in FeedDemon. I HATE the existing plugin in Notes 8. Would I switch from FeedDemon, probably not. Would this be more useful for the majority of users who want lightweight RSS reading capabilities, absolutely. Is it an improvement on the plugin YES YES YES. One of the key benefits of RSS in the mail file is the ability to forward via email, without need for copying and pasting URLs.
What many people would benefit from is choice, by putting it into the template as a design element we can remove it (I assume) so that should answer the critics here.
Keep developing, I’d love to see more!!!!!”

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  1. I like this implementation a lot better. Just wondering, does the client or the server gather the RSS data? If the server, that is great, keeps Web access to mail and still gets RSS. Can also have some control over RSS via the server for business.


  2. @3 Bruce, my experience is that information workers are starting to seek out the information in blogs and are using tools such as google reader and even tools like feeddemon when desktops allow installation by them. I haven’t yet seen the enterprise catch up this trend. Reminds me of IM in the late 90’s.

    @4 I think that will all come out in the development cycle, I’m guessing (with no IBM knowledge here) that it is aimed at 8.5 mail templates.


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