Sametime Connect 8 Client

A quick post here just to say that the Sametime 8 Client which I’ve been using for a few days now is much quicker than the 7.5.1 client.  The improved screen capture / annotation tool is also nice to see [make note to test on extended monitors], personally I use SnagIT but for most this functionality will be very useful.

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  1. I am downloading it now..may have to test it..I am now using 7.5.1 and it is very slow, eats most of my system resources..


  2. @3 Ace, You can purchase it from IBM, your system administrator can allow you to download it from the server or if you have access to partnerworld you can download it there.


  3. Hi,

    Can I ask for the web conferencing over Internet, how can we improve the overall voIP(or audio quality)?

    Query 2 is how can we push all the “prefered” client policies during client deployment? For eg, we want to change the meeting notification from 10seconds to much more or simply disable it. How can we do this such that this policy get pushed out to all Connect Client.

    Really appreciate your answers.



  4. @5 Hi Matthew, Query 1 >> I think you need to engage an IBM business partner to support you in this activity. A number of factors impact voice quality – CPU loads, network bandwidth, network latency, network packet loss, network jitter etc.
    Query 2 >> policies are supported again your IBM business partner would best support you with this. Don’t know about your specific query there. Perhaps will give better answers.


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