BlackBerry 8800

pic_fourteenMy new corporate BlackBerry 8800 arrived yesterday and is fully functional against our corporate email system (Domino) and shortly our corporate instant messaging system (Sametime).

This is my first mobile device which isn’t simply a telephone.  First impressions are that its a well built simple to use device.  I’ll find out as time goes on whether this is a productivity increasing or decreasing tool.  So far simply checking calendars and appointments while on the move has been excellent.  I’m looking forward to testing its ability to playback podcasts etc.

More feedback as I experience it!  No doubt Steve and I will have some interesting conversations about the advantages the Treo has over the BlackBerry 🙂 

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  1. I loved the 8800, especially not having to tether it with a usb cable to use it as a modem! The browser was a considerable improvement over the 8707. My only criticism was the keyboard felt funny, not as tactile as the 8707.

    Unfortunately for work the support team need a phone that will do 3G, so we have to use the 8707s 😦

    Nice first attempt by RIM. I think the Komet w/ its WiFi support will be a killer device.


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