Gartner – Would IBM be better off without Lotusphere?

This is a recent Gartner post (originally posted on 4th January 2007), but now is a good time to think more about what is says.

“IBM would be better off not relying on a single event to inform and excite its users. Users would also benefit from a steady stream of announcements and the opportunity to get more information closer to home. “

My personal opinion is I’d rather focus on announcements once per year and analyse them than spend the whole year with little snippets.  I would like all conference organisers to consider other means of live-streaming content to ensure a wider audience than those lucky enough to attend, see here.  Its good to see IBM in secondlife for Lotusphere.

One comment I’d like to pick up on from the Gartner weblog is the following related to Lotusphere 2006:

“I spoke with a customer who did not go to Lotusphere and, consequently, knew nothing about the new features in Sametime 7.5.”

I’ll take Gartner to task for the second comment as IBM did a good job last year with Lotusphere Comes to You events all round the globe and the Sametime 7.5 launch events.  Anyone who wanted to know about Sametime 7.5 could get access to a reasonably local event.


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  1. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard from Gartner, and that’s saying something!

    IBM sponsors many events, and participates in many other events throughout the year besides Lotusphere. IBM releases information through many channels besides conferences. Any IBM partner can tell you that the problem with digesting information from IBM is exactly the opposite: there is too much info, coming in too many ways, all the time. There simply isn’t time to sort through it all. One needs to devote a block of time, once a year, to do it — and that’s exactly what Lotusphere does: it focuses everyone’s attention. It focuses IBM on communicating, and it focuses partners and customers on listening and understanding.


  2. Ed, I have to say I was stunned at the quote for Sametime 7.5 given the business partner support globally for running the launch events. I’ve already heard on the grapevine of Lotusphere comes to you events in 2007


  3. I persnally like information to be distributed when its ready, rather than hoarded for big events. I find it difficult to absorb all in one go. That said IBM seems to be getting better at communicating.


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