Will Wiki replace the teamspace?

Will Wiki replace teamspaces (like Sharepoint, Quickplace, Workplace and others)?  Today, I think the answer is no. 

I have to be concerned about end user experience, look and feel and other factors which will affect the end user.  At the moment I feel the wiki offerings I have experienced are still not intuitive enough, there seems to be a plethora of hyperlinks performing various functions on each page.  I’m confused!  If I’m confused then how will my end users feel?  Thats why right now I don’t see Wiki’s replacing team workspaces.  It is interesting though that Sharepoint and Quickplace (muted for the next release) will support Wiki functionality.  The big players do see the value of Wiki, and hopefully they will drive the market to think about end user experience.  I do see great value in Wiki I just feel that today the look and feel combined with user experience let them down.  Maybe I’m being unfair and basing my view on a few Wiki products that I’ve used, I’d be interested to hear the experience of others.

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  1. I would tend to agree with you. I use Wikis a lot for all my application documentation, project discussions etc (through loyalty I use DominoWiki and help out Ben occasionally with features for it).

    I’m always surprised how difficult users find the concept of a Wiki, the self referential nature and the use of “code” seems to scare them. So now the only people I ask to edit Wikis are technical. That being said I link to them all the time when explaining problems etc.

    In my view until a Wiki product comes along which can encode normally typed sentences (rather than using markup to define links) then you won’t get end users interested, certainly not down at the Sharepoint or Workplace user level.


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