RSS Readers and the Enterprise

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Well it isn’t going to be long before subscription, aggregators and RSS feeds hit the enterprise.  Microsoft will produce feeds frm Sharepoint, IBM will through varoius mechanisms including Domino later this year, Newsgator have announced their enterprise offering.  The area where I see little information at the moment is how the users will get best value from RSS, how they will interact and use them?

At the moment I don’t know of anyone in my organisation, except for disrupters, who have installed RSS readers independently (or for that matter use web based readers).

From the big players Outlook 2007 has shown its hand, and to be honest it isn’t rich enough for me, but will possibly meet the needs of the average user.  The integration with Internet Explorer 7 makes it a simple process to subscribe to feeds.  I think they need to work on making management of feeds simple.  From IBM Notes will include RSS reading capabilities in the next release.  In fact the Notes client through some community development does have some RSS readers now, but to be honest they aren’t integrated into the client rather than individual notes applications.  I look forward to seeing more of the Hannover plans and how RSS integrates with the client, how users will be able to subscribe to feeds, manage feeds etc.

You’ll notice I’ve not discussed standalone clients here.  My view is that RSS for the enterprise must combine closely with email and team workspaces.  “Hey read this great blog post” emails will become more common and great for collaboration and stimulating ideas.

I’ll leave on a question.  How do we as IT people ensure the user understands the power of RSS, has simple access to it, and gets value from it?

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  1. RSS goes to heart of providing companies with a distinct competitive advantage by getting the right information to the right people at the right time. As RSS moves mainstream it will create a firehose of information that will dwarf email when it comes to information overload.

    Attensa is another company focused on RSS in the enterprise. We are developing attention based technologies that intelligentily prioritize incoming information so the most critical information rises to the top.

    Here’s a whitepaper on Enterprise RSS that you might find useful. We’d be happy to take through our technology and product strategy.


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