Lotusphere – Lotus Roadmap?

IMG_3303 Well Lotusphere will be drawing to a close as I write this post.  I, unfortunately, didn’t make it across the atlantic.  What have I picked up from a distance?  Well Hannover development is coming along strong as is the server side of the next release of Notes and Domino.  Sametime is undergoing a bit of a revolution in terms of being based on an eclipse coding base, improvements in look and feel, and better links to common IM service providors (with the exception of MSN which I feel is a great shame).

Workplace didn’t get as much press or blogging as I expected, there was a new release but no real fanfare detected from this distance (maybe at the event there was more).  I still have some difficulty seeing the roadmap.  What I now see and hear is the upgrade to the next release of Notes and Domino is the same as all the others – new technologies, new features, step change in client but still backwards compatible (good!).  What I didn’t see was the roadmap, there is a definite roadmap for Notes and a roadmap for Workplace ….. and the new notes client is a thick client for both platforms ….. but overall where is the direction.  Is it a J2EE based environment where the Domino stream will eventually merge (although retain backwards compatibility)? Is is a dual back end single client roadmap?  Maybe I’m the only person thinking this.  People who attended Lotusphere may well tell me “hey come next time, if you’d been here you would have all this clarified”.  My answer there is that I’m scowering the sources of information available on Lotus software, lotus.com, the blogs and still I can’t answer those questions.  If I can’t how do the CIOs and CEOs who pay the bills?  They won’t be scouring for information like me and I feel the message still needs some clarification.

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