Speeding ahead, but not in a workspace


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Is it just me that finds that projects and tasks are moving along quicker. Maybe it is experience coming to life, maybe it is methodologies like GTD making me more productive.

Maybe it is the collaboration tools that I have to use? I’d love to say so and in terms of voice, email, instant messaging and emeetings I would agree. The combination of voice and screen sharing has proved very powerful for some of the engineering teams I am working with on large implementation projects.

However perhaps the least useful and most burdensome technology has been the workspace, in my organisation that takes the form of either a Notes Teamroom database or a browser accessed Quickplace. Am I the only person that finds these areas cumbersome and painful to use, and eventually I find that all they are used for is a document repository. Even where the project is staffed by collaborative engineers we still seem to revert to the more basics of communication (IM, email and telephone – and probably in that order).

Wouldn’t it be better in my view to ditch all these collaborative workspaces, provide document respositories, open up our emails to searching (apart from our in-box and documents in folders marked by us to be excluded from search). To avoid the problem of mail files for many users containing the same data there could be tools to exclude duplicates and save storage.

The annoyance is I know all this is possible, yet at the same time we seem to be ploughing head long into massive investments in team workspaces without actually seeing whether they are used correctly in our organisations. Something Graham has commented on in the past.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    I agree with the definition of the problem. Not had time to think about your definition of a solution.

    I’m thinking of extending the themse ‘why the portal doesn’t work for collaboration’. What do you think?


  2. That sounds like a good idea, my next theme is to look at the concept of the hybrid client (Hannover or Groove) and see how that can assist with collaboration without the focus being placed on using a Workspace.


  3. I would look at Office 12 rather than groove. Office 12 is a better comparison to hanover. I have plenty of material if you want me to pop some over to you.


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